Medical Detox
at Westlake Hospital

Our mission is to safely and comfortably, medically stabilize individuals suffering from drug and/or alcohol dependency thus providing them with the best foundation for ongoing recovery. The medical detox service line at Westlake Hospital delivers the most effective management of acute withdrawal symptoms through a robust team of board certified physicians, nurses, and clinical experts.

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Substance Abuse


Detox from opiates like heroin and/or pain killers requires professional treatment methods to address the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms.  Over 6 million Americans are non-medical abusers of narcotic pain relievers, the Hospital at Westlake Medical detox services will help you become opiate free.




Despite alcohol prevalence, alcohol detoxification remains one of the more dangerous and difficult recovery processes. Severe alcohol detox clients can expect symptoms of depression and nausea and require the care of experienced alcohol detox specialists.


One of the most heavily prescribed and abused drug types in the U.S. today. Benzodiazepines are extremely addictive and can be dangerous. Detox from benzodiazepines brings a variety of physical withdrawal symptoms and in severe cases seizures, which is why it’s imperative to detox under the supervision of benzo detox professionals.




Detox from ampthetamines, including “meth,” cocaine, and other stimulant substances has been known to cause long-term effects and even damage on the brain.  With potential for neural harm as a result of certain addictions, it’s imperative the detox process be handled with extreme care monitored by detox professionals.

What to Expect in Detox

Admission and Assessment

Upon admission, patients will immediately be evaluated by a physician and begin their detoxification protocols. Any additional medical concerns will also be assessed & treated.

Comfortable Detoxification

Patients’ systems are closely monitored while they undergo the detox process. Medications are ordered by the physician while the nursing and clinical staff will offer a therapeutic setting to engage and support patients throughout their stay.

Discharge Planning

Our Clinical staff will work with patients to develop an aftercare plan that meets the unique needs of each patient and transition them to the next phase of their recovery.