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Austin Foot Center, P.C. David R. Brace, D.P.M., J. Michael Valenza, D.P.M. 327-9251 [more]
Austin Prosthetic Center Tracey Russ, President (512) 937-9310 [more]
Austin Radiological Association Victor Hernandez, Office Manager 328-4984 [more]
Austin Thyroid & Endocrinology Center Simone Scumpia, M.D. 467-2727 [more]
Austin UltraHealth Amy Myers, M.D. 383-5343 [more]
Austin Vein & Vascular Clinic Neal T. Foley, M.D. 732-7370 [more]
Cardiovascular Associates Jonathan Sheinberg, M.D., Gary Foster, M.D. 807-3270 [more]
Carus Surgical Center Mark Karakourtis, M.D., D.D.S. 327-9933 [more]
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