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Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women
Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women (CPW) provides services to children with a health condition/health risk through 20 years of age and to high-risk pregnant women of all ages to encourage the use of cost-effective health and health-related care.

Community Mental Health Centers
Community Mental Health Centers is a resource of the Texas Department of State Health Services that provides mental health care services and center locations.

County Indigent Health Care Program
The County Indigent Health Care Program provides county-based health care for low-income Texans not eligible for Medicaid. General eligibility requirements and services are outlined.

Epilepsy Program

The Epilepsy Program provides comprehensive outpatient care (diagnostic, treatment, and support services) to eligible persons who have been diagnosed with epilepsy or seizure-like symptoms. Services are provided through contracted providers in selected areas of the state.

HIV and Sexually Transmitted Disease Services
HIV and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Services provides information about HIV and STD services and resources. Clinical Resources provides intervention assistance and prescription drugs to people with HIV infection who lack the financial means to pay.

Kidney Health Care Program
The Kidney Health Care (KHC) Program has a mission of improving access to care for Texans with End Stage Renal Disease, and to ease the financial burden of obtaining medical treatment. KHC provides limited financial assistance to Texans who have been approved.

Oral Health Services
Oral Health Services works to improve the oral health of Texans through education, prevention services, and emergency dental treatment services.

Substance Abuse Services
Substance Abuse Services provides an index for finding treatment and prevention information related to substance abuse.

Texas Breast and Cervical Cancer Services
Texas Breast and Cervical Center Cancer Control Services provides funding for breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services at no cost to low-income women without health insurance.

Texas Family Planning Program

The Texas Family Planning Program includes more than 350 clinic sites that offer preventative medical and educational services under the direction of licensed physicians.

Texas Health Information, Counseling & Advocacy Program
The Texas Health Information, Counseling & Advocacy Program (HICAP) provides one-on-one insurance counseling and assistance to senior Texans.

Texas Hemophilia Assistance
Texas Hemophilia Assistance Program provides blood, blood derivatives, or manufactured pharmaceutical products to eligible program recipients.

Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Project
The Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Project (TBIP) works to improve access to support and services for people with traumatic brain injuries and their families.

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